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Monday, November 7, 2011


What could be a better time to share the past few pageant weekends with you than a three hour flight delay in the Vermont airport!? Here are a few random shots from the Miss Connecticut USA & Teen USA as well as the Miss Vermont USA & Teen USA Pageants where I work as the Director of Administration and the Contestant Coordinator for Pageant Associates. Winners of the pageants include Marie Lynn Piscitelli as our 2012 Miss CT USA, Logan West as the 2012 Miss CT Teen USA, Jamie Lynn Dragon as the current 2012 Miss VT USA & Karsen Jaleen Woods as the 2012 Miss VT Teen USA. Thanks to the pageant's official photographer Edwin Shaw for these photos. 
 Top 5 Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2012
Top 5 Miss Connecticut USA 2012
Top 5 Miss Vermont USA 2012
Top 5 Miss Vermont Teen USA 2012

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