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Monday, August 29, 2011


A hair bun is one of my favorite styles to wear. Whether I'm slicking my hair back for a dressy classic bun or pulling my wispy baby hairs down around my face and neck for a fun messy look, the hair bun is easy to do. This trend is growing by the moment and has been seen in both street style and celebrity fashion. Now there is an even easier way to create this look and costs only about $3.00 online or in beauty supply stores. Also, I have 7 steps below to create your own homemade donut bun.
The Donut Bun: Online

I found a few online stores that carry them.

The Donut Bun: HOMEMADE 
If you want to skip the online shopping and make one on your own right now, here's 7 easy how to steps! 

1. supplies: scissors, 1 tube sock, 1 silk dress sock
2. cut feet from both socks
3. from the cut end of the tube sock, roll sock toward it's opposite end until you've made a donut then pull the end over the donut
4. feed the dress sock through the donut 
5. begin rolling the dress sock over the tube sock starting with the cut end
6. put the end of the dress sock over the entire donut
7. hair spray and you're finished!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

<3 K.McCall

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